Joker Dark Knight Movie Costume T-Shirt


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Print On Front OnlyThe Joker Dark Knight Movie Costume T-Shirt should bring some much-needed menace to the day of those around you! On the front of this black 100% cotton Joker t-shirt is a replication of The Joker’s costume from the blockbuster film The Dark Knight. Yep we’re talking crazy homeless man Joker not Clown Prince of Crime Joker. As such the costume so richly depicted on this t-shirt has that sort of oily I-don’t-dry-clean-this-suit-very-often look. Of course that oily look could probably be from all the petroleum products that the Joker delighted in spritzing all over the place. As a bonus on this Joker t-shirt he’s doing the lapel-stroking move that was such a vital part of Bane’s character in The Dark Knight Rises!