Joker Dastardly Merriment (30 Single) T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this charcoal gray t-shirt features a classic image of the Joker’s cackling cranium surrounded by the lettered characters of said cackling in Joker’s preferred color scheme. I toured Arkham Asylum once. It was for an aberrant psychological dysfunction course I was taking at Gotham University. They let us view the Joker on a monitor; from a room on the other side of the institution. The image on the t-shirt? That’s just how he looked; laughing like a maniac and singing a song with words that sounded more like buzzing than anything even remotely phonetic. This is a 30 Single t-shirt meaning it has a higher thread count making it noticeably softer and a bit more form fitting. This is a higher quality tshirt that happens to induce a little post traumatic stress.