Loki Lokilicious 30 Single T-Shirt


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He’s just so…smug. Our Loki Lokilicious 30 Single T-shirt features the crazed half-brother of Thor resting comfortably on some uncomfortable-looking rocks presumably from something he’s just blown up/destroyed/wreaked havoc upon. Which if you’re Loki is a good thing which (I guess) in turn makes him “Lokilicious”. Which is fun to type and perhaps more fun to be but should not be confused with being really good at being just plain crazy which would make you “Locolicious” nor should it be mixed up with being extraordinarily good at drinking Four Loko which would mean you are “Lokolicious”. And 15.Why not celebrate your “Lokilicious”-ness instead with this super-soft (thanks to its 30 Single thread count) Loki t-shirt from noted manufacturer of high-quality superhero (and supervillain!) t-shirts Mighty Fine!