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A Pint! When Larry King last interviewed Magneto June 2005 Magneto was reluctant to admit that one of the few ways he can actually be defeated is by Ice Man’s snow balls. Larry immediately went to commercial when the camera man and best boy started snickering. Magneto has been the X-Men?s primary antagonist since they both set foot on paper. He has gone through several super-villain teams including the Brotherhood of Mutants and the Acolytes (and was soon after seen at Powell’s bookstore with a “Dummies Guide to Naming Supervillain Teams” book). He is also the father of the Quicksilver the Scarlet Witch and Polaris and when asked about his luncheons with the Midnighter from the Authority Magneto had this to say “…. no comment next question please… anyone…. I plan on killing the president… surely there must be some questions… Oh Come on!! it was only lunch!” Magneto is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. He possesses the ability to control magnetism. He is also one of the most morally complex characters in comics. As a Jewish Holocaust survivor Magneto’s actions are driven by the purpose of protecting the mutant race from suffering a similar fate. As with some few and far between good writing that Marvel has produced Magneto has been depicted in an ever morally changing ilght from supervillain to anti-hero to even superhero but he is most often shown as an uncompromising super-militant engaged in acts of terrorism to benefit mutantkind. Of course Charles his one and only true friend is set on stopping him at all crossroads. Magneto’s “B-Field strength” has been measured at over 200 Tesla. But the nurse at the Tesla station was seen to have her finger on the scale so only Charles knows what Magneto’s true magnetic power is. You simply have to get all of this Marvel pint glass collection especially the not so high profile hero/villain glasses like Magneto. Production is not guaranteed any longer than a year or so. Remember the Pepsi Moon glasses were only printed in 1976.NOT DISHWASHER SAFE: These glasses are works of art. Though durable for normal use they cannot stand up to the ridiculously high temperatures and harsh detergents in your dishwasher. Your dishwasher will fade and tarnish these highly sought after images ruining your glass! Instead HAND WASH these comic glass artifacts with some soap and common sense i.e. don’t take a friggin’ scouring brush to the paint.Proposition 65 notice for California residents.