Marvel Four Button Set 1 w/Spiderman Head


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The Marvel Four Button Set 1 w/Spiderman Head is composed of 3 different Marvel symbols with 1 button showing off the image of Spider Man’s head! Spider Man is keeping an eye on the bloody rest of them that’s for sure. I mean you can’t trust the Punisher…unless we’re talking about executioners or vengeance(and that is sort of a gray area isn’t it?). X-Men is just far too many people and you really can’t trust Wolverine or Cyclops – they are both due for a mental breakdown! Captain America is addicted to Vita Rays and beating up people with red craniums…and he’s never sure if he wants to be Captain America anymore. Anyways you should get this Marvel Four Button Set 1 w/Spiderman Head. The 1.25 inch diameter buttons would look good on you. Trust me!