Marvel Heads Shooter Set


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Product Description

This 2oz Marvel Shooter Set is perfect for entertaining a group of comic fans! Even if you want to use them with non-comic fans at least it becomes a talking point! If I had this set of shooters I would try to hand out the glasses to the people who most deserve that character’s persona. Perhaps you know somebody who is slightly emo with an inferiority complex – you KNOW they are going to get the Spiderman glass. Know an angry drunk? I shouldn’t even have to explain this one but the Hulk! What about your fanatical patriot you know the one with an American flag on everything he owns? Captain America to the rescue! Last but not least Wolverine! I’m not entirely sure who I would give this too. Wolverine has become such a flip-flopper in the character department. Tragic hero apathetic father or revenge driven? It is a tough call but I suppose every set of 4 needs a wild card.