Marvel NOW! Heroes Black T-Shirt


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Our Marvel NOW! Heroes Black T-Shirt has something for everyone…and A LOT of somethings for members of the Merry Marvel Marching Society enjoying the current Marvel NOW! run of comics! This 100% cotton black t-shirt has your Superior Spider-Man your time-travelin’ Jean Grey an Indestructible but still Incredible HulkSue Storm a more Cyclopean Cyclops Nova Rocket Raccoon and of course your featured players like Nick Fury Iron Man Thor Cap and Wolverine. Oh and Cable bearer of what is easily the third most popular eye patch in the Marvel Universe. Does that cover everybody? Does this Marvel NOW! Heroes Black T-Shirt slake your thirst for ONE t-shirt that features Jean Grey Nova AND Rocket Raccoon? Of course it does! Did we mention Cable’s on there too?