Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby T-Shirt


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Made from 100% this rust colored t-shirt features a bright screen printed image of the uncontainable New God Mister Miracle illustrated by the King himself Jack Kirby! Part of a race of super-powered highly evolved beings known as the New Gods Mister Miracle aka Scott Free is an escape artist of the highest order. He is the only known being to successfully escape the clutches of warrior-queen Granny Goodness and the fire pits of Hell-as-planetoid Apokolips….except for the Justice League just about every other Thursday. Anyway last week….last week Mister Miracle’s molecular structure was deconstructed right before being reduced to the size of a tachyon shunted back 70000 years through time and rematerialized into the head of some alien flying Elephant-thing. 10 Minutes later he jumped out of my sister’s Birthday cake. It was only 5″ high but he jumped out full size and cut the first piece. Eh he got lucky.