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Made from 100% Cotton this yellow t-shirt features that bothersome nearly omnipotent Imp from the 5th dimension Mr. Mxyzptlk thinking hard on how best to annoy Superman and…me. If there is one character I absolutely cannot stand it is Mr.Mxystrappedforideas. “I’m gonna’ show up and annoy you for 23 pages and then you’ll trick me into returning to my dimension. Oh and I’m going to try to be funny but I really won’t be. Ever.” Ugh. Every time I see him pop up in a Superman comic I immediately close the issue scream “Next” and write DC demanding my money back. And great now we have him on a t-shirt. If I get the t-shirt to look in the mirror will it say it’s name backwards and leave me in freakin’ peace!!? Of course you might like him so please ignore all that and enjoy!