Penguin Umbrella Jab (30 single) T-Shirt


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Product Description

Made from 100% cotton this slate blue t-shirt features a slightly distressed image of the Penguin jabbing the hell out of…someone. Although If that someone isn’t literally nailed to the floor I’m sure they could avoid an attack from an overweight out of shape 47 year old with an umbrella. Apparently the Penguin is the go-to guy as far as the criminal underground… goes. He’s the mover and the shaker but this leads to quite a few visits from the Batman. Ooopsie. This is a 30 Single t-shirt meaning it’s made with a higher thread count making it noticeably softer and a bit more form fitting. It’s a higher quality tee that due to the form fitting aspect will NOT be worn by the Penguin any time soon.