Poison Ivy Carnival Poster Women’s T-Shirt


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Ah Poison Ivy…one of the deadliest women to ever cross paths with DC Comics’ Dark Knight! Batman has his work cut out when he has to fight Poison Ivy. With her command of plants and poisons to a frightening degree Poison Ivy can charm or sow terror on whim alone! I bet you fine ladies out there appreciate that sort of power so maybe I can interest you in this 100% cotton Poison Ivy Carnival Poster Women’s T-Shirt? It looks like ol’ Bats has recruited this ‘botanical beauty’ to be a part of his carnival which seems to just consist of his major enemies! Who needs penguins and clowns when you have The Penguin or The Joker? Either way this great Poison Ivy Carnival Poster Women’s T-Shirt features the previously mentioned femme fatal in a carnival style poster!