Punisher Materialize 59Fifty Flat Billed Cap


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This dark blue flat bill hat comes from the mythical land of New Era; the company who makes all of those fancy hats for sports teams! This particular 100% polyester hat though is not for a sports team…it is the Punisher Materialize 59Fifty Flat Billed Cap! The Punisher also known as Frank Castle is Marvel Comics’ bad boy most known for his firearms / skull motif / and his collection of vintage porcelain dolls. Nobody really knows about that last one mainly because he doesn’t let anybody escape. Just know that if you commit some terrible acts the last thing you’ll hear is a shotgun and the last thing you’ll see is sweet Miss Polypurebread. Showing off the distinct Punisher logo and an image of Frank Castle to the side this great Punisher Materialize 59Fifty Flat Billed Cap is for the fans of Punishment…not vengeance.