Punisher Symbol Pom Pom Beanie


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One Size Fits MostWhen I look at this soft 100% acrylic Punisher Symbol Pom Pom Beanie it makes me realize how close we were to a different character all together. When Frank Castle(the Punisher) first started out he was ‘the Kitten-ner’ who spent his days grooming kitty meow meows designing new styles of yarn developing medicinal grade catnip and creating a strobe light filled with laser pointers in order to keep legions of cats occupied for miles. However his publicist didn’t think his comic book would have been all that interesting so they gave him some guns a skull t-shirt and bam! The Punisher! So now we have this great Punisher Symbol Pom Pom Beanie with a white lining the black Punisher logo massive skull imprint and a black pompom on top. That’s their nod to the ‘Kitten-ner’.