Red Skull Infantry 30 Single Black T-Shirt


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The Red Skull Infantry 30 Single Black T-Shirt sure makes you proud to be…something. A Captain America fan? Sure. Let’s go with that. The gruesome villain’s visage is all proud and…red amidst a background of fightin’ planes tanks and goose-steppin’ soldiers as seen on one of the covers from his very own mini-series Red Skull: Incarnate! We know what you’re thinking as you gaze at this one: “The Red Skull had a mini-series?” YES. Yes he did. And Incarnate was one of them. So some things do work out for the poor hapless ne’erdo well! Not so much not-getting-punched-in-the-red-face things but other things! Like having his image printed lovingly across the front of our soft 30 Single thread-count 100% cotton Red Skull Infantry 30 Single Black T-Shirt!