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Did anybody really take Robin seriously? Well I am talking when he first got started and he was running around without any pants on. You know that works for women but not for guys! Something about double standards or something like that. Oh and elf shoes. They were probably good for moving through heavy underbrush without receiving a penalty to movement speed. Am I getting my references mixed up? Probably. How about we raise our pint glasses to the sky and toast! You don’t have a glass? Well how about you pick up this great Robin pint glass! He’s not Nightwing yet nor is he that ‘son of the devil’ Damien. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE: These glasses are works of art. Though durable for normal use they cannot stand up to the ridiculously high temperatures and harsh detergents in your dishwasher. Your dishwasher will fade and tarnish these highly sought after images ruining your glass! Instead HAND WASH these comic glass artifacts with some soap and common sense i.e. don’t take a friggin’ scouring brush to the paint.Proposition 65 notice for California residents.