Robot Masters of Mega Man 2 T-Shirts & Hoodies


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American Apparel T-Shirt. A few good Mans, specifically Quick, Metal, Flash, Wood, Crash, Heat, Air, and Bubble. Now you can show off Dr. Wily’s First Batch* of Robot Masters on a shirt or hoodie! These splattery designs are also available individually on shirts and iPhone cases, but now you can get the whole set on one garment! *recall that he stole/reprogrammed the Robot Masters of Mega Man 1. Design & digital. By thedailyrobot. gaming, video games, mega man, megaman, mega man 2, quick man, heat man, metal man, crash man, air man, flash man, wood man, bubble man, capcom, nintendo, nes, 8bit, retro, retro gaming, rockman, rock man