S.H.I.E.L.D. Symbol Blue 30 Single T-Shirt


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Made from 100% cotton this soft light navy blue t-shirt features the freakin’ SHIELD symbol! It’s like….blending in –all stealthy like– with the base color of the t-shirt! Is this the result of those new SHIELD counter intelligence nanotech based camouflage systems? Maybe? Possibly just a little? Ahem. Yeah SHIELD: They’re a highly effective extremely well armed and outfitted science/military division set in the Marvel Comic Book universe. When there’s a super-person throwing fits in an Outback Steakhouse SHIELD gets the call. Usually. Unless Spiderman already happens to be eating at said Outback. SHIELD is actually an acronym that stands for Strategic Helpful Intelligence Excitable Litigious Demonstrative. That’s what Dum Dum told me anyway right before he passed out. Oh and this SHIELD tee is made with a higher 30 Single thread count so it’s noticeably softer than the average non-SHIELD Communist-Nazi-Hydra t-shirt.