Scarlet Spider Masked Costume Hoodie


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When we first got the 60% cotton 40% polyester zip-up Scarlet Spider Masked Costume Hoodie we told it that it was the real Spider-Man hoodie and it kind of went about its business till it met the real Spider-Man hoodie. Hi-jinks follows and neither of them knew which was the real Spider-Man. Suppose we have the Clone Saga to thank for that eh? The Scarlet Spider Masked Costume Hoodie is based on Ben Reilly(or maybe Kaine) a clone of certain note that became his own hero…so it is kind of like that Ah-nold movie ‘The 6th Day’! Too much of a stretch? That’s okay…it doesn’t change the power and responsibility that comes with the Scarlet Spider Masked Costume Hoodie. The hood even completely zips up so maybe even you can pretend to be Ben Reilly…or Peter Parker…or Kaine. Whatever!