Silver Surfer Black Light 30 Single T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this soft black t-shirt features a classic (and what appears to be a) Kirby-rendered image featuring an extremely jubilant Silver Surfer; pleased as punch to be free of that crappy congested foul smelling planet Earth. And really who wouldn’t be (hardy-har). This particular image is colored as though it might be affected by one of those black-light bulbs; right like that felt Molly Hatchet poster hanging in your fathers’ “office.” So if you happen to be wearing this particular t-shirt in close proximity to one of the mysterious aforementioned black-light bulbs prepare for a very moderate yet surprisingly hypnotic psychedelic experience. This Silver Surfer t-shirt is produced with a higher 30 Single thread count making it softer than the average t-shirt.