Silver Surfer Nylon Tattoo Sleeves- 2 Pack


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Product Description

Made from nylon we have a pack of 2 One-Size-Fits-Most Silver Surfer tattoo sleeves! Each sleeve features a unique image of the Silver Surfer taken straight from the hit Marvel Comic! Looks like we have a masterful Silver Surfer comic cover and possibly a panel from….inside an actual comic book! Made from paper even! AHH! Anyway these tattoo sleeves fill your under appreciated limbs from the wrist to about mid-shoulder featuring dynamic artwork wrapping around the entirety of the sleeve. Yep these Silver Surfer sleeves grant the appearance of an armful of tattoos without all the pain and….Galactus. Yep. SO you a fan of the Silver Surfer? How about Silver Surfer Tattoos? Good good. Washing Instructions- Tattoo Sleeves must be washed by hand in cold water with mild detergents. Do NOT use bleach or heavy stain removers.