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American Apparel T-Shirt. The second in my Hogwarts/rock band mashups, this features the bad-boy/girl house, Slytherin in a Slayer-like manner. Have a thing for snakes and forbidden arts? Don’t give a damn for Mudbloods? Tired of amateur wizards making others look bad, breaking every rule and getting praised for it? Then show your affiliation with the darkest, most brutal house of them all with this shirt! Last sale date: 1/31/13 Also available: Ravenclaw Hufflepuff: Gryffindor: . Design & digital. By AnthonyPipitone. harry potter, crest, logo, band, metal, death, rock, music, spoof, parody, mashup, geek, nerd, book, novel, literature, j k rowlings, movie, film, fun, funny, comedy, wizard, magic, wizardry, witch, witchcraft, wand, broom, snake, slitherin, malfoy, draco, snape, severus, hogwarts, school, back to school, pop culture, retro, 80s, satanic, satan, pentagram, devil, geeks, slayer, back