Spiderman Amazing Fantasy Issue 15 Magnet


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You know when Marvel published the first Amazing Fantasy featuring Spiderman he was a completely different character. Spiderman was a villain and he had to feast on innocent bystanders that dared to mock his costume. Suppose that makes the bystanders not that innocent at all but I’m not sure that qualifies for being hauled off by a man-spider for delayed consumption. It was only much later that Marvel decided to change Spidey’s background. I think it was around the same time they retroactively attributed that Power/Responsibility line to Uncle Ben. Oh those Marvel guys…such kidders. Next they’ll be telling us he was just a freakin’ clone or something. Revel in the awesome glory of this 3.5 inch high by 2.5 inch wide Spiderman Amazing Fantasy Issue 15 Magnet. It won’t run off with your pets.