Spiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo


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The Spiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo showcases everyone’s favorite wallcrawler in a cool classic brown leash and collar set. The collar features a nifty array of medallions including a classic comics POW! symbol a Marvel 12 Cent logo and an image of the web-slinger himself Spiderman with his Spider Sense tingling as though someone at the dog park is about to get their frisbee stuck in a tree or neglect cleaning up after their puppy! It’s not all bank robbers or the Scorpion or Aunt May having a crisis you know! Especially when it comes to our Spiderman Dog Collar/Leash Combo. Because if Spidey’s advance warning system can’t be somehow related to pets they wouldn’t have put the image on the collar in the first place!