Spiderman Kids Briefs 3pk Assortment


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Made from 100%Cotton this assortment of Spiderman briefs for juvenile-sized boys features 3 pairs of briefs each adorned with images of Spiderman and…spider-suchness. Yep it’s Spider- Man and when he’s not saving cats from trees trees from the Green Goblin or the Green Goblin from the Scabby Treelings he’s involving himself in the production of kids’ underwear. Thanks Spider-Man!NOTE: The designs pictured may differ slightly than the contents of each pack due to the manufacturer refreshing styles unexpectedly. The pictures are a sampling of what might be included. Translation: Don’t worry your pretty little head. You’ll get 3 pairs of awesome Spiderman briefs for your tiny aspiring Spider-fellow and…he’ll hug you harder while wearing these. Because he loves you more that’s why!!! And he’ll love US just as much!Underwear Returns Disclaimer