Spiderman Mask 22oz Ceramic Stein


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Product Description

The Spiderman Mask 22oz Ceramic Stein features the web-patterned look of Spidey’s mask wrapped around it with his mask’s “eyes” staring back out at you from two of its sides! Weighing in at over a pound-and-a-half this heavyweight red ceramic mug should come in handy if you need to clock a Sandman upside the head…though you’d probably just end up with a mug full of sand and an angry super-villain. So why not stay out of trouble and just fill your new Spiderman mug with your favorite tasty beverage? Then at least you’ll have an answer when people ask (as they inevitably do) what’s going through that wallcrawler’s head. Why it’s Milwaukee’s Best of course! Keep your new Spiderman Mask 22oz Ceramic Stein looking its best by HAND WASHING it and remembering that it’s not intended for the microwave. Or Milwaukee’s Best.