Spiderman Symbol Magnet


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You know how Peter Parker got practice using his new found spider powers? He sure as heck didn’t start off swinging from building to building! Sure that’s what Marvel wants you to think but that’s not how it started. In truth it was far less dramatic. He started at the local playground swinging from monkey bars – that is after all a fair test of dexterity and and agility. After that he decide to retire home and try his ability to adhere to surfaces. He thought that he should have started on the wall but his house was made of dry wall so he didn’t want to make a mess. Suddenly a brilliant idea flashed into his head – the ‘fridge! Stuff sticks to that all the time! Get this 3.5 inch tall by 2.5 inch wide Spiderman Symbol Magnet and celebrate that momentous occasion where Spider Man realized he could stick to things!