Star Trek Science & Medical Beach Towel


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Made from 100% Cotton this soft blue beach towel simulates the uniforms worn by medical and science officers pulling triple shifts aboard the USS Enterprise based on designs adorned unabashedly by characters populating the cast of the classic sci-fi standard Star Trek! You’re a medical officer being asked to reconstruct a security officer’s cranium after a Goobler from Vendrela IX used it as a fishing lore. You’re a science officer postulating the relationship between a Fonfrig Worm and the Thread Nosed Creehcer both from Vestibula IX must be parasitic and in no way romantic. You’re a crew member aboard the Starship Enterprise and your captain is….busy with the Stiigillyan diplomat. Anyway this Star Trek beach towel measures 5′ high and 2′ 6″ across. It’s perfect for fans of Star Trek. Yup.