Star Trek Talking Bottle Opener


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Ever feel like after you pop the bottle of your favored beverage or brew that you are about to hit Warp Speed and go boldly where no person has gone before? If that is the case then you should probably get the 6 inch long Star Trek Talking Bottle Opener! Captain Picard would be proud at how the NCC-1701-D is now a classy DOUBLE magnet bottle opener. Wait what DOUBLE you say? Yes! The Star Trek Talking Bottle Opener can hang out on your fridge or other metal surfaces but then the crew section separates from engineering for usage as a bottle opener! All through the magic of magnets; if that wasn’t cool enough the Enterprise also plays the Warp Sound the classic Trek alarm sound effect and the swoosh of the doors after popping a bottle! ENGAGE!Requires three 1.5V LR41 batteries which are included!