Star Wars C3PO Face Lunchbox


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So I just saw this movie for the first time..Trek Wars? No…wait…it was Star Empire Strikes Back. I’m getting disapproving scowls from my co-workers. They inform me that it is Star Wars and I probably won’t make it through the day. Should I have seen this movie before? They tell me this fine 7.5 inch tall by 6 inch wide by 2.75 inches thick Star Wars C3PO Face Lunchbox is inspired by it. I know that this robot forms some kind of neurotic partnership with a non speaking but smooth operating astromech droid and they get into all sorts of adventures! Joking aside this great Star Wars C3PO Face Lunchbox shows off the likeness of C-3PO’S face on the front and back while there is a body shot of the golden god on the sides! He’ll even tell you the odds(not really).