Star Wars Clone Wars Kids Briefs 3pk Assortment


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Made from 1005 Cotton this 3-pack of briefs for juvenile-boys features…yes you’re right….3 briefs each adorned with varying images based on the hit CGI series Star Wars: Clone Wars! Look! It’s Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker swinging lightsabers and asking questions after the fact! Look! It’s Ranger Rex…or whoever….blasting the heck out of stuff! Thanks Clone Wars!NOTE: The designs pictured may differ slightly than the contents of each pack due to the manufacturer refreshing styles unexpectedly. The pictures are a sampling of what might be included. Translation: Don’t worry your pretty little head. You’ll get 3 pairs of awesome Star Wars: Clone Wars briefs for your tiny Cone Wars fan that he’ll absolutely adore and never want to change out of. Mission accomplished!Underwear Returns Disclaimer