Star Wars Head Count 30 Single T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this soft red t-shirt features the illustrated heads of some of your favorite Star Wars characters! There’s a Storm Trooper! Not sure which one specifically… I mean I heard someone call him Steve but…..Anyway there’s Luke in his X-Wing Pilot Gear! There’s Boba Fett! There’s Darth Vader! Getting…harder to (cough)..breathe….There’s Yoda! There’s that little laughing Muppet Salacious Crumb! There’s princess Leia! She sure is sassy! There’s R2-D2! There’s C3-PO! They’re not speaking right now! There’s The Emperor himself! There’s Chewbacca! There’s a Tusken Raider (also commonly referred to as a “sandperson”)! There’s a Gamorrean Guard! There’s Han Solo! What a devil! And there’s Jabba the freakin’ Hut! He plays fair! This Star Wars tee is a 30 Single t-shirt made with a higher thread count making this a softer-than-average t-shirt!