Star Wars R2D2 Knows Infant Snapsuit


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Made from 100% Cotton this white snapsuit for infant-sized human children features the robotic…uh..scalp…of everyone’s favorite excessively “beepy” R2 Unit the extremely affable and unabashedly blinking R2-D2!!!!! He’s (it’s) from Star Wars! The movie you saw 1400 times in one summer! Right yes…the one you know every word of dialogue for. And yes you’re even pretty good with imitating the sound effects. Your At-At is supernatural. Anyway you’re a Star Wars fan so that means…..your freshly born child is a Star Wars fan. Yup. Anyway you like the R2-D2 because he’s so darn cutesy and supportive. Yes he’s a nurturer so your child’s emotional health will surely benefit from being wrapped in the image of R2’s….happiness.Anyway it’s a Star Wars snapsuit with 3 snaps for a secure….closing function. Yup. and it’s got R2-D2’s brain shell on there proclaiming that regardless of his size he knows things. Secret things. Funny things. Space things.