Star Wars Stormtroopers Baseball Jersey


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Imperial Stormtroopers don’t always go around punting Ewoks practicing not hitting things and looking for droids…on their day off they like to play sports! You know fantastic games like Huttball or…um…Pazaak? Not sure how well the soft 60% cotton 40% polyester Star Wars Stormtroopers Baseball Jersey will be while playing a rousing game of Pazaak but it will serve one well during Huttball. Just remember to never kick the Huttball…Hutts don’t have feet so you should show proper respect! This great jersey has a white and black color scheme buttons up the center like a typical baseball jersey and even a number on the back! Oh and we can’t forget about the subdued image of a stormtrooper on the lower right either…he’s sneaky like that.