Star Wars Vader Domed Tin Lunchbox


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The Star Wars Vader Domed Tin Lunchbox features Darth Vader Stormtroopers Luke Skywalker and Han Solo! This lunchbox is 7″ long X 3.25″ wide X 5″ high and just when you think this is only a Vader lunchbox you realize it has a little bit of everything for you Star Wars fans! The Star Wars Vader Domed Tin Lunchbox has Darth Vader leader of the Imperial Army watching over some Stormtroopers who are ready for action but on the sides of this lunchbox is where the party starts! On the one side you have Luke and Yoda and on the other you have Han Solo lookin’ at you with those dreamy eyes…. maybe not exactly what you were looking for in a lunchbox… but I think once you see it in person you’ll appreciate it! We sure do!