Star Wars Women’s R2D2 Costume Tank Dress


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The Star Wars Women’s R2D2 Costume Tank Dress will transform in appearance anyway your torso into that of the lovable little astromech droid R2D2 from the immensely popular Star Wars series. R2D2 was the shorter and wiser half of the intergalactic comedy duo so now all you need is a taller fussy motormouth-ed protocol droid to complete your set. You should be able to find one of those anywhere. Then you two will be a regular Bert and Ernie. Stan and Ollie? Whatever team you’re seeking to pay droid-y homage to this tank top’s full print of R2D2’s panels and compartments on the front and back is here to help. And though this 94% cotton 6% spandex Star Wars tank dress is much lighter and softer than any actual R2 unit’s body it is probably also much harder to clean mud from so take care in your re-creations of any and all Dagobah scenes whilst wearing your Star Wars Women’s R2D2 Costume Tank Dress.