Star Wars X-Wing Burst 30 Single T-Shirt


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Our Star Wars X-Wing Burst 30 Single T-Shirt features a cool retro Star Wars logo atop the image of an X-Wing Rebel fighter ship practically flying right off the t-shirt at you! The large X-Wing appears to be hightailing it away from a battle that rages in the depths of space behind it! And the depths of space are in the shape of a Rebel symbol! Or maybe the intrepid Rebel in the X-Wing is flying toward the chink in the armor of that Death Star right in front of you! This 100% cotton Star Wars T-shirt was made with a 30 Single thread count for an extra softness and the print is distressed – because Lord knows those X-Wings had been through the mill in service of the Rebel Alliance as you can see by their appearance on this 100% cotton Star Wars X-Wing Burst 30 Single T-Shirt.