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American Apparel T-Shirt. For all you fans of Red Dwarf & a quality cuppa Coffee, Starbugs Coffee!! Just remember where you seen this first, miles better than that Star Wars Coffee!! The original Starbugs!! Copies have started to appear even here on Redbubble; if you want the original, its got to have my name on it!. Design & digital. By robinbrown. awesome, birthday gift, cool, comedy, cult, epic, funny, funniest, geek, retro, collectable, new, novelty, original, parody, red dwarf, humour, iphone4s, iphone5, starbucks, starbugs, jedi, jmc, jupiter mining corporation, craig charles, chris barry, rob grant, doug naylor, danny john jules, robert llewellyn, sold, norman lovett, sci fi, urban