Superboy #3 w/Krypto Magnet


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Is he a young Superman? Is he a Kryptonian/ human hybrid? Is he from another dimension? One can never be to sure with Superboy but at least you’ll have a reminder with this 3.5 inch tall by 2.5 inch wide Superboy #3 w/Krypto Magnet. Hey it even has Krypto the Superdog! Maybe young Kent can get a van and call it some sort of machine of mystery. They could invite Robin Batgirl and Wondergirl and go on adventures! I bet I can solve the mystery of the Haunted Fortress of Solitude. It’s that miserable old Lex Luthor and he would have gotten away with it too had it not been for that pesky Superboy #3 w/Krypto Magnet!