Supergirl Heart Button


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I bet Supergirl got all of the Valentines from the boys at school. She went home with a full bag of candy roses kittens and sweet Playstation 3 video games. Guys are suckers for blonds! Don’t you guys know anything? The best thing about Supergirl is she doesn’t need any defense even in the most threatening of situations! The world could be ending and you could cower behind that awesome miniskirt and cape and say ‘Oh lawd save me honey!’ and she may save you depending on what kind of boyfriend you have been…I hope you’re the kind of dude who cooks dinner from time to time or knows how to massage some feet! Oh Supergirl how we love thee. I show my Supergirl pride off with this fantastic 1.25 inch button featuring Supergirl’s name inside a bright red heart. Aww how cute!