Superman Gothic Red Logo Bi-Fold Wallet


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Superman has no need for money…I mean just look at this choice of job…REPORTER! Heck I tried to be a reporter and you know what? Print is dead…everything is digital these days! Clark Kent should have probably been a blogger in DC Comics’ New 52. Oh well! At least you have a use for money and since you love Superman may we suggest the 3.5 inch high by 4.5 inch wide Superman Gothic Red Logo Bi-Fold Wallet? Featuring a Superman logo in gothic style print a red/blue/ white color scheme an inner see through pocket for IDs a whole slew of sleeves for cards and the normal spot for the ‘cash-money’ makes this much like any other wallet; except that the Superman Gothic Red Logo Bi-Fold Wallet is a fantastic wallet expressing one’s love for the Man of Steel!