Superman Grow Toy


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You’re gonna need a bigger bottle! At the very least you might need to add an extension to your little bottle city (everyone has one of those right?) when our Superman Grow Toy stops by to visit! How could anybody resist introducing this tiny tiny 2.25 inch Man of Steel to all the little Kandorians…and then slowly submerging the whole shebang in water filling the bottle and watching (awestruck along with the now-horrified wee Kandorians!) as the Man of Steel begins to grow over a 24-hour period becoming up to SIX TIMES his original size and takes over the joint! That’s what we’d do anyway! You could of course drop him in a bucket or fish tank if you find yourself Kandor-less. Either way Super-fans of all ages should enjoy watching this retro-cool Superman Grow Toy expand in water!