Superman Issue 32 Acrylic Cold Cup w/Lid


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We are lucky that Superman has a sense of humor. When you are super powered unstoppable bulletproof alien from another planet there is little to get in your way. Imagine if Ma and Pa Kent would have been a pair of thieves? We’d all be living in a tyranny of one man! Instead we got the greatest hero of all time…(pshew!). Just look at this BPA free Superman Issue 32 Acrylic Cold Cup w/Lid. He’s getting hit by all sorts of energy and you know what? It tickles. IT TICKLES! Superman would have received a Sinestro Corps ring had he kept that up. Either way this fine black fast food style cup is strong and features the vintage artwork of Superman #32 where apparently Superman found his funnybone. Unlike Superman this Superman Issue 32 Acrylic Cold Cup w/Lid should be hand washed only and do not microwave.