Superman New 52 Riding the Lightning T-Shirt


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Our Superman New 52 Riding the Lightning T-Shirt features an exciting image of the Man of Steel from DC’s New 52 as lightning crashes around him and his eyes blaze red! So someone’s about to catch a whuppin’. Taking a little inspiration from a Metallica album title seems appropriate…even if he’s not exactly “riding” the lightning here he sure was in his one of his other New 52 titles – on the cover of Action Comics #2 Supes was strapped in for the kind of lightning the purveyors of metal were talking about! Only he didn’t Fade to Black. When the Bell Tolled it wasn’t for him. He managed to Escape. But he didn’t sue Napster. This Superman t-shirt which is totally unrelated to Metallica no matter how far we stretch it is made of 100% cotton and showcases a hard-rocking Kryptonian ready to do some serious damage!