Superman Strafing Ruins iPhone 4/4S Slider Case


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Product Description

This Superman Strafing Ruins case for your iPhone 4 & 4S Smart Phone comes to us from quality cell phone cover manufacturer Coveroo and features a striking image of Superman as he flies determinedly over a city that has been decimated. It’s a lot for Superman to handle so if you’re from that area and are not currently getting reception on the cell phone you’ve encased in this cover be patient! Superman will have your signal restored soon. He is a busy busy man and takes on tasks in the order they’re given to him. Unless they involve Lois…and you’re probably not Lois right? Don’t lie!The image of Superman is applied using Coveroo’s patented high color bonding technique which blends heat adhesives and the highest quality inks available ensuring the image won’t flake peel or fade! This cell phone case is available in black or white.