Superman Well Muscled 30 Single Costume T-Shirt


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Print On Front OnlyMade from 100% Cotton this soft blue t-shirt features the simulated torso of Superman’s costume! Oh and the simulated musculature provided by Earth’s yellow sun! Ahem. This Superman costume tee is perfect for wearing under your over-things! Here’s the scenario- the pretty willful girl you’ve been working with for 5 years doesn’t look at you for more than 12 seconds a month but she’s very attracted to that fellow whose chest is adorned with a certain “S” emblem. A fellow who only shows up when the coffee grounds are low and manages to miraculously create another full pitcher! A fellow who’s there to hold your cellphone a little higher than the average guy successfully attaining signal in the usual dead zones! This fellow…this man… YOU! Now tell her who you really are. Not the mild mannered World of Warcraft shut-in you appear to be at the office but……an extremely…. Helpful-Man! A caring man. A….SUPERMAN! This Superman costume tee is a 30 Single t-shirt made with a higher thread count making this a higher quality noticeably softer than average tee!