The Creeper by Steve Ditko T-Shirt


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You ever take notice how creepy the Creeper really is? However by doing that you would be a creeper creeping on the Creeper…which would cause the Creeper to creep on the creeper who is creeping. I think this could probably go on forever much like pie (the math kind) or anime so we need to break it off now! The Creeper is certainly a unique character but the one thing that is consistent is that he is Jack Ryder and an outspoken former/current TV show host. He can change his form between his human and ‘Creeper’ modes and that sometime has the side effect of juicing him out on all sorts of psychotropes. Do any other heroes carry such a liability with their powers? Now entirely sure what’s up with that ‘cape’ either it kind of reminds of some extremely unkempt back-hair. He is supposed to be creepy no? I bet you wish you could transform into a psychotic split personality don’t ya? If you can’t or maybe you already can you probably want to get this great 100% cotton t-shirt. It is creepy…for the creeping….’cause it got the Creeper.