Thor Hammer Crack Black Wash T-Shirt


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Our Thor Hammer Crack Black Wash T-Shirt is a 100% cotton heavy black “washed” look t-shirt bearing an exciting image of Marvel’s God of Thunder Thor! Thor is shown waging a war on drugs as he busts up a crack house that had the nerve to open within 300 yards of the Bifrost Bridge. Silly dealers! Wait no…this Thor T-Shirt doesn’t feature Thor hammering crack at all…the focus is ON the crack of Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir as he swings for the fences casting out yet another evildoer who dares to threaten us poor mortals here on Midgard! This action-packed scene is rendered in a distressed print on this Thor Hammer Crack Black Wash T-Shirt which features white stitching around the sleeves and across the shoulders!