Thor Mjolnir Hammer of Thor T-Shirt


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Made from 100% Cotton this charcoal gray t-shirt features the mighty Uru hammer Mjolnir; sacred godly-forged weapon wielded by the mighty Thor Norse god of Thunder! Now there are a few stipulations for those who seek to wield such a divine mincing device. Thankfully these stipulations are conveniently inscribed on the side of the hammer (as clearly shown on this AWESOME Thor t-shirt)! Breaking it down you need to be worthy. This means a lot of things really. This does NOT include those who are worthy eaters sleepers or poker players. We’re talking about moral inflexibility here. You have to be good want to spread the good around and more importantly protect the greater good regardless of the price. Is this you? Okay then go ahead. Lift it. Thor’s at the bar so you have about …oh about 16 hours to try to lift the thing.