Thor Thorsday 30 Single T-Shirt


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Is it Thorsday already? We’ve barely recovered from last Thorsday! The Thor Thorsday 30 Single T-Shirt celebrates everyone’s favorite day of the week which in actual fact was named after the Norse God Thor. We can hardly wait to see what happens Next Thorsday! Or the Thorsday After Next!! Noted on this Thor t-shirt as “When I Lay My Hammer Down” it’s usually when we drop the hammer too. Or throw down the hard hat if you will. The Urban Dictionary says it’s a day to “drink beer and don’t wear a shirt and do man stuff.” We’re on board with 2/3rds of that plan but please do wear a shirt and why not make it this 30 single thread count 100% cotton Thor Thorsday t-shirt from high-quality superhero t-shirt manufacturer Mighty Fine while you’re at it!