TMNT Since 1984 Distressed Heads T-Shirt


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The TMNT Since 1984 Distressed Heads T-Shirt features classic illustrations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crew as well as their iconic logo and the slogan “Since 1984″. They’re all here on this soft 50% cotton/50% polyester blend heather green t-shirt: Raphael Donatello Leonardo and Michelangelo. And with four you get eggroll…or rather Splinter! That’s right the Turtles’ loyal rodent Master the wise old sage Splinter is featured here with the guys and he’s looking thoughtful. Or sleepy. Or exasperated. Mike may have ordered one too many pizzas on the sewer dojo’s credit card. Maybe that’s why the rest of the gang looks so happy on this TMNT Since 1984 Distressed Heads T-Shirt!